Twitter releases diversity figures: mostly white, mostly male


Surprise, shock, flabbergasting awe -- these are all completely invalid responses to Twitter's revelation of its diversity figures, which the disruptive San Francisco tech company released today (in a tweet, of course).

Twitter divided its diversity statistics into three categories: tech, non-tech, and leadership. Guess which area had the most white folks? If you guessed tech, you get a (vanilla) cookie.Read more »

Business tax breaks in SF jumped to nearly $17 million last year


Employers in San Francisco received nearly $17 million in special business tax breaks from the city last year, with the biggest ticket corporate welfare categories being the Central Market Street and Tenderloin Area Exclusion — commonly known as the Twitter tax break after its catalyst and biggest beneficiary — and a tax break given to small businesses.Read more »

Photos of the blaze, as 5-alarm fire roars at China Basin


A 5-alarm fire is raging across structures under construction and other buildings in Mission Bay, at 4th street and China Basin. The San Francisco Fire Department is fighting back the blaze, which have diminished greatly, but early reports from reporters on the scene say that the buildings may bow in. As reporters and citizen journalists flock to the scene, photos are continuing to stream in through social media. We'll update this post with new photos as the situation develops. Read more »

Local residents demand that Twitter pay it forward


When the Bay Area’s techie-elite got richer yesterday, its poor refused to get poorer.

San Francisco-based technology company Twitter went public. By the time the New York Stock Exchange closed yesterday, more than 13 million shares of the online social networking and microblogging company had been traded, bringing Twitter’s value up to $31 billion.Read more »

Breed ditches Twitter after being called out for caustic tweets, again [UPDATED]


Sup. London Breed appears to have abruptly deleted her Twitter account today after engaging in a clash of tweets with some local activists online. Breed had tweeted comments that were derogatory toward bicyclists and others, after earlier attempting to distinguish between her “private” comments and public role, but now she appears to have given up entirely.Read more »

Corporate welfare boom: SF's business tax breaks jump to $14.2 million annually


Business tax breaks instituted by San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee and other corporate-friendly local politicians to stimulate growth in tech, biotech, and cleantech, diverted roughly $14.2 million from city coffers in 2012, records show. That's a staggering increase from 2011, when the city’s corporate welfare programs amounted to roughly $4.2 million.Read more »

It's not the "law", it's racism.


Twitter can be a blast and a half or it can be a nightmare. It was indeed the latter that reared its ugly head right after 11 year old Sebastien De La Cruz sang the national anthem at Game 3, NBA Finals in San Antonio.Read more »

In which drag queens read Amanda Bynes tweets and the Internet temporarily boomerangs


Have you ever tweeted with such dedication and furor that you reached a higher plane? That the world fell away and you were left with the impression that, through a series of carefully crafted @'s and acronyms, you could express life's true wonder? I have, courtesy a stage full of drag queens performing Amanda Bynes' Internet breakdown/meta-world breakthrough on Friday night. 

Today, Amanda Bynes called RuPaul ugly and she may have gotten another nose job. Go ahead and don't read up on the situation if you have no idea who Amanda Bynes is because as she's fond of telling us, EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW YOU CAN READ ON TWITTER and below are my tweets from that magical Friday night. Read more »

Censored by Facebook and I don't know why


UPDATED Today I got banned from posting on Facebook and I don’t know why, but it has left me feeling very unsettled about this brave new world we find ourselves in, one where a few large technology corporations have ever more power over our lives and liberties.Read more »

Racism and homophobia east of the Rockies


There are assholes everywhere, and there are people in San Francisco who use racist and homophobic slurs. But this interactive map (based on students at Humboldt State analyzing 150,000 nasty tweets (the academic life for you), suggests that the most concentrated jerkfaces are east of the Rocky Mountains. Either that or they use Twitter more.